A glimpse at Bahia Tomini Eco resort in Indonesia

View of the resort from a boat

Hidden in the heart of the Togian Islands (Suwalesi), this Eco resort may be hard to reach, but is worth every minute you spend in it. Located on a private beach in Malenge, isolated from the rest of the world, you will encounter a new way of living and meet the amazing persons who made it possible. 

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I want to see a new shade of blue in the ocean 

This is what I told myself when searching for a new destination, during my one-month vacation in Indonesia.  

It led me to Eva and Kike’s remoted Eco resort. Everything there is to know about Bahia Tomini is thoroughly explained on their website. Accommodations, activities, how to get there, etc. But I want to share my personnal opinion. 

What seduced me the most was the authenticity. You can tell by the photos and other reviews that this is a generous and welcoming place. By far, the best hosts I have had in my life. They actively care about providing a unique and memorable experience for the guests.  

View from the Bajo Villa’s bungalow terrace.

No phone, no internet, only family 

The only way to get a signal in Malenge is to go to the village. It can be scary for tech addicts to cut the rest of civilization off. But I stayed two weeks in Bahia Tomini, and turning on my phone didn’t cross my mind once. This takes the usual tranquility of a vacation to a whole new level. I lived at the same rythm as the sun, and adopted a completely new and refreshing lifestyle. Then, I mingled with the other guests and the staff. 

Eva and Kike, the resort owners, are Spanish but are fluent in English. You take your meals and go on different activities with them. You spend the evenings talking and playing ping pong. It is very easy to communicate with them and develop a warming relationship. It is like a community. The couple and the few employees who run the place are extremely friendly and sincere. It doesn’t feel forced or fake. They all, genuinely, do their best to make us feel at home and enjoy our stay.  

Baby sharks live under your bungalow

Waiting for my night ferry (it takes a long time to get to paradise), I crossed path with a visitor who just returned from the resort. There are only four bungalows on the beach, mine was on stilts, partially in the water. This is how I learned what lived under it, and what a wonderful and special place I was heading to.  

As an ocean lover, I could not miss the coral reeks and lagoons. The Togian Archipelago has a rich variety of wonders under the sea, incredibly beautiful for scuba-diving and snorkeling. I could just enter the water at the edge of the beach and witness it. Sharks, stingrays, humphead wrasses, scorpion fishes, starfishes, you name it.  

The island has plenty more to show you, m favorite being the Bajo village (sea gipsy) with its one-kilometer bridge and a mesmerizing view. The resort can also organize a trip to visit the Bajo capital.

Plan many activities during your stay or relax on a hammock. Explore the jungle or the beaches. Help prepare the Dabu Dabu (delicious but spicy dip), or simply wait for your afternoon snack on the water.  

View from a boat when going to the sea gipsy village.
View from a boat when going out of the resort.

Like a bubble out of space and time 

When asked to talk about Bahia Tomini, the first thing I say is: “I will go back as soon as I can”. And I refer to the people I met there as my Togian family.  

If you are looking for an exciting and unique destination, involving breathtaking sea scenery and new friends, then you found it. The cost and journey are totally worth the sensations and memories you will get. 

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